Cai Xiang Loi

Born 1992 in Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Loi Cai Xiang is a classical oil-painter having graduated in Western Painting (Distinction) at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. In 2016 he won the prestige Clifton Art Prize and had his first solo show in Singapore with Chan+Hori in August 2017.

Loi Cai Xiang seeks inspiration of personal experiences, intimate places, nostalgic memories and seemingly familiar sceneries. His paintings appear like photographic snapshots of an angle the artist wants to capture for eternity. They show a certain similarity to the famous “Bathroom” work & “Daily” series by German photographer Thomas Demand, where Demand encapsulated trivial scenes from the bathroom. His photographs however always indicate a perfectionist and flawless detail view.
Loi Cai Xiang’s paintings also capture the everyday moments, but in a way that you feel somebody is present - the viewer enters somebody’s home/living room/ bathroom. One looks at the painting and a story unfolds in one’s mind either about the possible person living there or on personal memories one shares with the depicted scenery.

Loi Cai Xiang was born 1992 in Singapore and lives and works in Singapore. He received a diploma in Fine Art From Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and has been recognized with several scholarships and awards since 2010. Selected solo shows include “Void”, 2017, Chan+Hori Contemporary, Singapore, selected group shows include “Academy Rules”, 2014, Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore, “Milieu”, 2013, Dahlia Gallery Singapore and several art fair participations in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. His work is part of the Asia Capital Reinsurance Singapore as well as Clifton Singapore Collection.

Cai Xiang Loi, 10.22AM Sunlight, 2015, oil on canvas, 36 x 46 cm Cai Xiang Loi, 10.22AM Sunlight, 2015, oil on canvas, 36 x 46 cm