born in Ashdod, Israel, in 1964
died in Paris, France, in 1993

In 1992 Absalon designed habitational units in order to have them placed in Paris, Zurich, New York, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt am Main and Tokyo to function as housing for the artist himself. In an interview for the exhibition "cellules" in Paris in 1993, he stated the following: "These homes will be a means of resistance to a society that keeps me from becoming what I must become". In the same year the short video work on display Bruits (1993) in which the artist screams at the camera for 2:30 min literally seems to activate the mute sculptures expressing this social criticism loudly.
Absalon (born Meir Eshel in Israel in 1964) adopted the name Absalon on his arrival in Paris in the late 1980s. During his short career he achieved widespread recognition and exhibited in renewed institutions such as Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1991) and DOCUMENTA IX , Kassel (1992). Solo exhibitions were featured at the Musée d´art moderne de la Ville de Paris (1993) and recently at Kunst-Werke Berlin (KW Institute for Contemporary Art), Berlin (2010). 

04.11.2011 - February 2012
The Ephemeral
Group exhibition with works by Absalon | Joseph Beuys | Sophie Calle | Joe Coleman | Wim Delvoye | Rebecca Horn | Mathilde ter Heijne | Jannis Kounellis | Heinz Mack | Keisuke Matsuura | Christian Meegert | David Noonan | Henk Peeters | Jackson Pollock | Julian Rosefeldt | Matt Saunders | Chiharu Shiota | Miroslav Tichý | Grazia Toderi | Susan Turcot | Franz West | Nick van Woert | Yang Jiechang
at ARNDT Berlin

Absalon, Solutions, 1992, Video, color, sound | 7:30 Absalon, Solutions, 1992, Video, color, sound | 7:30