Paul McCarthy

Born 1945 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA

In 1996, Matthias Arndt tried to grasp the aggressive aspect of beauty in an exhibition titled - The Aggression of Beauty I - as a moment when we actually fear the possible fulfilment of our deepest wishes and longings, and are willing to destroy what we love, or to give up the struggle for beauty and perfection in order to avoid the loss of this love, or escape from the pain. Paul McCarthy's disturbing film work "Painter" (1995) was included to this show.
Wwidely considered to be one of the most influential and groundbreaking artists of today, McCarthy is using the language and imagery of the all-pervasive American consumer culture he grew up with. His work distorts and mutates the familiar into the disturbing and carnivalesque. McCarthy first became known in the 1970s for his visceral performances and film works but during the 1990s extended his practice into stand alone sculptural figures, installations and most recently a series of large inflatable sculptures.
07.09. - 20.10.1996
"The Aggression of Beauty"
Group exhibition with
Ugo Rondinone (CH), Tracey Emin (GB), Gillian Wearing (GB), Douglas Kolk (USA), Paul McCarthy (USA), Paul-Armand Gette (F), Yan Pei-Ming (CHINA), Johannes Kahrs (D), Fabrice Hybert (F), Jakob Gautel (F), Jason Karaindros (F)
at Arndt & Partner, Berlin

Paul McCarthy, "Painter" (1995), video Paul McCarthy, "Painter" (1995), video