Phoebe Collings-James

Born in 1987 in East London, UK.
Lives and works in East London, UK.

British artist Phoebe Collings-James creates multidisciplinary works in sculpture, painting and video. She has a distinctly corporeal approach whether she is crushing eggs with her feet or dragging oil paint around a canvas, all in order to explore major universal themes: violence, sexuality, desire, and beauty. She established the blog Cunt Today as an online platform to explore contemporary art and feminism.


Collings-James earned a BA in fine art from Goldsmith University in London, UK in 2009.

Selected solo exhibitions include: "Choke On Your Tongue at the Italian Cultural Institute", London, UK (2015) presented by ARTUNER and Nuove. Other recent exhibitions include: "Ivory Black", Cookie Butcher, Antwerp, Belgium (2014), "The Flesh Is All You Have If You Mortify That There Is No Hope For You", Ritter Zamet Gallery, London (2013), "Blood On The Leaves Blood On The Roots", Preteen Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico (2013) and "Pleasure Pieces", Still House, New York, USA (2012).

Selected group exhibitions include: "Too Much, Two Queens", Leicester, UK (2014), "All That Matter's is Whats Left Behind", Ronchini Gallery, London (2014) and "It's Been Four Years Since 2010", Arcadia Missa, London, UK (2014).

Collings-James has undertaken the Still House Group residency in New York, USA in 2012, and the Nuove Ceramic Residency in Nove, Italy in 2014. Recent lecures include: "Fighting the Establishment or creating a New one?", The Cass School of Art and Architecture, London, UK, (2014) and "Authenticity and Identity", Tate Britain, London, UK (2014).

Phoebe Collings-James, Tar Baby, 2015, oil on canvas, 140 × 85 cm, COLL0003 Phoebe Collings-James, Tar Baby, 2015, oil on canvas, 140 × 85 cm, COLL0003